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Motorcycle/Vehicle GPS Trackers For Best Security & Real-time Tracking

The Maark05 The Maark208
The Maark05

Maark05 GPS Motorcycle/vehicle tracker is the cost-effective solution for security & real-time tracking. It is specially used for motorcycle/car tracking because of its compact size and water-proof design.

The Maark208

Maark208 OBD GPS tracker is the cost-effective solution for security & real-time tracking. It has unique features including, plug & play design with OBD connector, smart engine ON/OFF status detection; and it also incorporates RFID & wireless immobilizer for security


Smart App & Portable Device To Help You In All Needs

Flexible | Real Time Location | Tracking

Track your drivers and vehicles in real time and view their location history to find out exactly where they were anytime and anywhere.

Smart Secure Fence

Set zones or geofence alerts that record when Maark enters or exits set parameters.

Alerts & Notifications

Get instant alerts of predefined events: when object enters or exits geo-zone, over speeding, vibration, external power cut, engine on/off etc.Real-time Alerts & exception Notifications helps to increase the Security of the Driver & Vehicle as well as to have more control over the daily activities.

Monitoring devices simultaneously

Monitoring trough the mobile app, Android, iOS and web portal.

Group monitoring

Share your tracks or Possibility of several users monitoring the same module through the web portal or smartphone app.

History & Reports

View past locations Preview and download reports.

Peace of Mind

All tracking information is available only to you: we value your privacy and security.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support is available for all our customers. Actual help when you need it!

Track Your Vehicle

in your palm with Maark

Maark powerful technology can help you keep track of your vehicles and monitor assets, not to mention give you peace of mind thanks to its real-time analytics, reporting feature and multiple trackers on one panel. With Maark you can view the location of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Maark unique system was designed to be highly informative and user friendly. It allows tracking the real-time location of your devices, or check the history log of the device with an easily customizable time range.

We provide alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as when object enters or exits geo-zone, over speeding, vibration, external power cut, engine on/off etc.

Our vision, as well as the purpose of Maark, is to give you a safe, happy and productive environment to live your life with making your loved ones safety, finding them whenever you want.

Now I can tell where my Vehicle are,
no matter where I am


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Stay informed and connected to your loved ones using our app and wearable devices.


Motorcycle Tracking

Motorcycle Tracking

Travel Bus Tracking

Travel Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking

School Bus Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking

Car Rental Tracking

Car Rental Tracking

Car Insurance Tracking

Car Insurance Tracking

Personal Tracking

Personal Tracking

Student Tracking

Student Tracking

Driver Behavior Tracking

Driver Behavior Tracking


In order to improve your understanding of this software, our list of FAQs attempts to answer all your queries,
doubts and concerns, right from basic to complex. Please read on.

What is Maark device?

Maark device is a GPS/GSM feature enabled instrument used for vehicle tracking / assets tracking.

Can this device be installed in any vehicle?

Yes, the Maark featured devices come for all ranges of Light Motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, two wheelers, car etc.

Where will this device be installed in my vehicle?

This depends on the model/type of device selected and the model & type of vehicle to be installed in. As it is a security option/measure thus only the owner of the vehicle knows the location of the device.

How to add device?

To add a device in your Maark mobile app, follow the following steps:

Step1: Click on the Maark app of your phone.
Step2: Click ‘Home’ menu at the left hand side of the screen.
Step3: touch the ‘plus (+)Add Device’ button at the header of the screen to add device.
Step4: In the next screen, enter the desired vehicle no and in the next line enter the IMEI no(the unique IMEI number which is printed on the device box).
Step5: click Add device button, Then, scroll down the map and you will see that a new map has been formed with the name of your device that you have added.

Can I transfer my device from one vehicle to another?

Yes, you can transfer the device from one vehicle to another vehicle but there will be a service charge payable to the engineer.

Where will I check the location of my vehicle?

Once you are done with the device installation in your car and the Maark App installation in your phone respectively, then, to check the location of your vehicle(s), you need to follow these simple steps:

Step1: Click on the Maark app icon in the app
Step2: Select the name of the device and click on the pin to get the latest location.

How does vehicle tracking work?

Basically we install a Maark GPS tracking device into your vehicle or asset and it sends the data to a satellite. then sends the information to our server which you have access to and there you can then see your vehicle or item you want to track.

Can I share my device to loved once/anyone?

Yes, you can share to anyone you want.follow the following steps:

Step1: Click Maark app in your phone and Go to the home.
Step2: Select the name of the device and Swipe to left.
Step3: click share button,click Add button at the botton of the screen to share device.
Step4: Enter email adress of the person you want to share vehicle with.
Step5: Click share button.

How do I remove someone by whom i don't want to share/tracked/get tracked?

Step1: Click Maark app in your phone and Go to the home.
Step2: Select the name of the device and Swipe to left.
Step3: click share button,click delete button the person/device you don’t want to track/get tracked by.

Can I track multiple devices with one account?

Yes, you can track multiple devices even from different platforms with your one account. Refer to the steps mentioned to ‘add a device’ to add more devices.

What is the information my device will give me?

The information, which is given by all of, our devices, is generally about the current location of vehicles, their routes, various notification, their location history etc.

*The special features of devices may vary from model to model.

Is my information on Maark secure?

Yes, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and other security protocols. Users also get additional unique login password protection to ensure safety while using the web version.

Is there any limit on tracking people/devices?

Maark allows unlimited tracking of phones/devices, One can add any number of devices into his/her Maark account.

How do I use Maark web?

To use the web version of Maark you need to follow these steps:
Step1: Type URL onto your PC provided by the support team
Step2: In the login screen and type your user name and password

How do I see the past track history?

This feature lets you see the 90 days track history of the person/device on an interactive map.
Step 1 : Select the name of the device.
Step 2 : click on history, select date and from to to date & time.
Step 3 : Select the preferred view: map view.

Can I create a custom report?

Yes, you can export reports to a excel file.

Maark - How to use Motorcycle/Vehicle GPS Trackers For Best Security & Real-time Tracking


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Our First Exposure with MAARK

Our first expo experience started at SITA IT Expo – Vanita Vishram, Surat. This IT Expo was designed to connect young people with opportunities that can add enhancement to everyone’s life, making the world a better place in their respective industries. The experience made us feel successful and content with amazing opportunities in the areas of IT services and Vehicle Securities.

We were thrilled and honoured to share our product with our esteemed visitors and other exhibitors. Our first-hand experience taught us more about the people interaction, kind of market, what people want and much more. We learn and we move on – offering the best-suited service to our customers.

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