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Maark 208

Maark OBD(wireless) GPS Vehicle Tracker – Plug n Play, Live vehicle tracking, Vehicle health and mileage monitoring


Maark OBD(wireless) GPS Car Tracker, Live Vehicle Tracker,
Vehicle health and mileage monitoring

  • Plugging directly into your car’s ODB outlet without any wiring, Once the OBD M-208 Tracker has been installed, you can monitor the car’s location using Computer, smartphone or tablet. All the information is kept online in a secure password-protected account. Just login to your account and you can see everywhere the person has been and how often they were using the car.
  • It only takes a few minutes to install the M-208 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker in your car. Just plug the device into the on-board diagnostics port and you’re ready to start tracking. The device will turn on automatically with the engine, so you can rest assured that it’s always tracking the vehicle.
  • The M-208 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker monitors everything that’s happening behind the wheel. You’ll be able to see where the car has been and where it’s going, if the car needs repairs, if the engine is running and whether the driver is braking or accelerating. You can make sure your kids drive themselves to school or that your employees are staying on time and en route to their destination.
  • The tracker will even send you an alert message once the car has left a certain area. It comes with geofencing, which means you can set boundaries on the map. As soon as the car moves out of this area, over speeding, vibration, external power cut, engine on/off’ll get a alert message letting you know what’s going on. You can make sure your child stays close to home when they’re driving the family car or keep tabs on quickly your employees are completing their route.
  • When you login to your account online, you’ll be able to see the vehicle’s route on Google Maps. You can easily recognize streets and local businesses that will give you a point of reference. You can also zoom in and out of the map to see where the driver is headed. You don’t have to worry about dealing with an unfamiliar interface when you’re using the M-208 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker.
  • Through our GPS Tracking application, you can view the route your vehicles made for the past 90 days with every detail. Allow friends and contacts to track car temporarily on need basis
  • The M-208 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker comes with everything you need to monitor the location of a vehicle. With real-time tracking, you don’t have to worry about missing anything important. Stay on top of what’s happening behind the wheel with the M-208 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker.
  • Inbuilt battery of lithium-ion with 210mAH, battery backup up to 8 hours
  • We provide alerting on all of the common vehicle tracking metrics such as when object enters or exits geo-zone, over speeding, vibration, external power cut, engine on/off etc.
  • 1 year Warranty & comes with In-built SIM card with Free 1st year data subscription

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Web/App-based Real-Time Live GPS tracking. Global coverage!

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  1. Real-time tracking through the smartphone or web
  2. GPS tracker+ car alarm functions, arm/disarm by SMS/web/phone call;
  3. Arm/disarm automatically by RFID tag, RFID identification;(Optional)
  4. Check the car’s real physical address (such as city & street name.);
  5. Track by mobile to get the latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer etc.;Over-speed alarm;Engine on alarm;Vibration alarm;Movement alarm & Power failure alarm;
  6. Check the location directly by the Google map’s URL;
  7. Smart engine ON/OFF status detection without extra connection;
  8. Wireless immobilizer to stop the car safely by App or Web (optional);
  9. Data logger to store 5520 waypoints.
  10. Odometer function
  11. Voltage:10V-60VDC, suitable for all vehicles with OBD connector ;
  12. Trace optimization when vehicles turns a corner;
  13. Plug & play design, easy installation;
  14. Reliable design of framework with hardware watchdog.
  15. Power save design.
Working voltage 10 ~60VDC
Power Consumption Standby current:8mA
Working current: 50mA
Peak current: 800mA
Inside Backup battery Rechargeable 3.7V 350mAh Li-ion battery
Size of the main unit 70*51*26 (mm)
Weight of the main unit 55g
Working temperature -20 ~ 85℃
Humidity 0 ~ 95%
GSM frequencies Quad-band: 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
  • Perfect for tracking vehicles
  • Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • View Route on Google Maps
  • Access from anywhere using Computer, Tablet or Phone
  • Full Geo-Fence Functionality
  • Track in real-time over the Internet
  • Get phone and email alerts so you don’t miss anything
  • Store your tracking data for
  • Get custom reports on your tracking data
  • Plugs easily into any modern car
  • Know when car engine is on or off
  • No battery replacement hassles
  • View Route on Google Maps
  • 90 days of historical data
  • Different custom reports available
  • Ignition On/Off Reports
  • Easy installation by plugging directly into OBD port located in all vehicles built after 1996
  • No Wiring, No installation
  • Free tracking app & web
  • Full history reports
  • Zone alerts
  • Perfect for all purpose


Smart App & Portable Device To Help You In All Needs

Flexible | Real Time Location | Tracking

Track your drivers and vehicles in real time and view their location history to find out exactly where they were anytime and anywhere.

Smart Secure Fence

Set zones or geofence alerts that record when Maark enters or exits set parameters.

Alerts & Notifications

Get instant alerts of predefined events: when object enters or exits geo-zone, over speeding, vibration, external power cut, engine on/off etc.Real-time Alerts & exception Notifications helps to increase the Security of the Driver & Vehicle as well as to have more control over the daily activities.

Monitoring devices simultaneously

Monitoring trough the mobile app, Android, iOS and web portal.

Group monitoring

Share your tracks or Possibility of several users monitoring the same module through the web portal or smartphone app.

History & Reports

View past locations Preview and download reports.

Peace of Mind

All tracking information is available only to you: we value your privacy and security.

24/7 Support

24/7 Support is available for all our customers. Actual help when you need it!